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One Life to Live 1979: Karen Wolek Cracks

I'm catching up on my DC podcasts and have just listened to the One Life to Live 40th anniversary show. I am not a modern watcher, but being a bit long in the tooth compared to our bossman Luke, I tried to think about when I first laid eyes on this show. Long before CBS, I was attached to ABC.

It started in the late 70s with General Hospital and soon after I found myself watching All My Children and at times One Life to Live. I remember Karen, Katrina, Marco, Larry, Viki, Brad, Jenny and Joe, but my memories are very hazy about storylines. I may have watched Judith Light's tour de force performance, but sadly my attentions were focused on Rick, Monica, Alan, Jeff and Heather. Then there was Phoebe, Donna, Chuck, Opal, Palmer, Daisy, Myra, Cliff, Nina and Sybil. Oh yeah, and high school with no vcrs!

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So Luke, this is for you. Take 20 and watch Herb's masterful manipulation of Karen. You may not have time to watch all the episodes tied to this storyline, but you can surely watch these. Flashback to 1979 and see how soap writers heightened drama by building suspense, setting up characters and using a soap's best asset...time. You only have to be a soap fan to enjoy these clips, not a One Life to Live fan. Anyone can see the value of this kind of soapy goodess. As a bonus, you can view the 1979 opening of the show in the first clip (which is the one I remember).