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The Young and the Restless: Spoilers & Scoop

It’s a battle for the top spot and reuniting loved ones on, The Young and The Restless. So get really comfy because we bring you the, Deluxe edtion of the happenings in Genoa City!


Michael: The legal eagle and his father finally come face to face.

Daniel/Amber/Colleen: Ms. Moore is a woman scorned when she gets payback on Daniel and Colleen for their romp in the hay.

Neil/Tyra/Devon/Anna: Hold onto your hats because it’s one hell of a week for Neil. Not only does Adam decide he’s (Adam) going to run Newman Enterprises but, Tyra spills all to Neil about Anna- Yolanda’s really her mommy! What does this mean for Devon?

He and Anna are brother and sister! While Yolanda fell off the wagon she had Anna and due to her inability to care for the little girl, Tyra decided to step in and do so until big sis was clean. Neil tells Tyra that she needs to let the Hamilton kids know the truth about their real relationships however, Trya’s scared to do so.

Ms. Hamilton is nervous on how this latest revelation will upset and destroy the kids and for the time being she decides to keep mum on the situation. Being down the paternity road himself with Dru and Lily, Neil surprisingly decides to keep hush on Tyra’s disclosure which brings the couple closer together…

Brad/Jill/Cane/Kay: Brad may realize that he maneuvered himself out of a job when Jill decides to make Cane CEO of Jabot. At first Cane declines the offer due to him not being qualified for the gig but, mama Jill eases all his fears.

Meanwhile, grandma Kay also agrees that having Cane in charge is not a good idea but can’t do a thing about it due to Jill having a clause in her contract that allows her to make changes to Jabot without Katherine signing off on it.

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Paul: He and Nikki endanger themselves trying to find Victor

Nikki/Victoria/Nick/Adam: While Victor’s in Mexico wallowing in despair, his family is in complete panic and chaos when the patriarch flies off their radar. Nikki’s still dealing with the morphine and because of it; her need to take a drink comes full swing once again.

She prevails once again due to daughter Victoria needing a shoulder to cry on, who feels responsibility for her dad’s disappearance. The mama bear in Nikki assures her little girl that Victor’s fine and will be found.

Nick in the meantime decides that the feds need to be brought in to find Victor. Adam thinks that the FBI is not needed since Victor always goes off and spends time by himself and chalks it up as par the course for their father. The newest Newman also doesn’t want word of Victor’s vanishing act to be brought public for fear of Newman Enterprise’s stock to plummet if stock holders new that the CEO's MIA.

Older brother Nick dismisses Adam’s protest and makes the call to have the feds brought in while Adam decides to call a press conference over his brother and Neil’s disapproval. At the press conference, Adam announces to all that he is, “Victor Adam Newman,” and is stepping in his old man’s position until he comes back. Naturally this shocks all especially Neil, who is pissed since he’s the CEO and the one Victor left in charge!

While this is all taking place, the FBI tells both Victoria and Nick that Victor’s disappearance should be kept mum but as Nick tries to call Adam er Victor II, he announces that piece of info to the press. Furious over the stunt Adam pulls, Victoria and Nick lay into him and charge that he only cares about trying to take over Newman and not their father’s safety, prompting Victoria to slap him! (FINALLY!!)

When Nikki hears of what Adam has done, she rips into him worried about what may happen to Victor and fearing that he’s been kidnapped and may never be brought to safety. Adam in turns flips on Nikki, blaming her for the cause of everything that has happened because of David and lets her in on a secret… Brad knew of David’s gambling and was the one behind him returning to it!

This latest revelation has Nikki livid on how everyone around her knew and she was played for a fool. Nikki heads over to Jabot and tears into Brad for his part in the mess David created, Brad denies his involvement but Nikki sees through his bull. Jill happens to come upon the melee and Nikki goes after her with both barrels.

Jill also pretends that she didn’t know about David’s gambling before it was leaked to the press and before she leaves, Nikki lets Brad know that Jill will turn on him. Jill soothes Brad and lets him know his time will come at Jabot but, in the meantime and without Brad’s knowledge she’s gearing up for Cane to become the newest CEO. While Nikki’s dealing with the FBI, Victor places a mysterious phone call...