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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop!  08.08.08


The Scrubs Proposal... I dropped it in the comments yesterday (remember to check there for updates!). RUMORS are circulating once again that a proposal is coming for Robin and Patrick. Our faithful SPOILER readers will remember those OLD RUMORS regarding Scrubs and their proposal(s). I am once again hearing that what MAY happen is Patrick popping the question with Robin turning him down much to the disappointment of family and friends. He MAY ask again only to be turned down, again with Robin making the third time the charm. Those OLD RUMORS had Robin finally proposing to Patrick.  Whatever it is, whoever is asking, and whichever proposal....I am hearing its a grand gesture and very romantic. Another RUMOR says that the first proposal is a spur of the moment event at GH. Baby Shower for the mommy-to-be?  RUMORS say yes! 

Is there another Liason scene coming?  I am hearing its on Wednesday.  The angst ridden couple talk about the danger (again) and how they could have been a family.  I'm a Liason fan and I'll take whatever little bit I can get but can we at least change the dialogue up a bit? Please... pretty please?  This convo should be before the Jason and Robin stuff I spilled the other day.


Naudia vs. Nikadine... it looks like we may get a love triangle.  The Dark Prince can't resist the Mafia Princess but RUMORS say not to count out the Nice Nurse.  Nikolas and Claudia pair up to look for little bro and baby sis.  Nikolas reminds Claudia that she can trust him considering he's still sitting on a whopper of a secret.  Remember, don't count out Clic either. 

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Does Lulu know what Johnny's planning?  He's willing to turn himself in to get Lulu the help she needs.  RUMORS say she freaks when she realizes what her boyfriend is up to.  Further on down the road storyline, there are RUMORS of a brother-sister scene between Lucky and Lulu (finally!).

Sonny cuts ties with Karpov.  Will he have a new enemy now?  What about Sonny and Jason?  Is their friendship broken beyond repair?  SPOILERS say the former partners sit down and talk, really talk. Michael's shooting is the topic. Will they mend their friendship and reclaim their status as Guza's greatest pairing ever?  I'm hearing Jason leaves when Kate comes in and tells the Fashionista that Sonny is out for good and he won't be coming around anymore.  It appears that while they've settled things, they're far from beng besties again.

Secret Agent Man?  RUMORS are saying that we will see Dr. Matt Hunter with Karpov. These RUMORS go on to say that after his meeting with the drug smuggling, Russian Mobster, Matt makes a call to update another person on what's happening in Karpov's organization.


Threats against Kristina... remember I mentioned both Trevor and Anthony? Well it looks like Trevor reminds Alexis about Anthony's prior threats towards the little girl and suggests she find a way to handle the Johnny and Lulu situation.  Later, Alexis is RUMORED to find Anthony with Kristina.

Soap Opera Digest confirmed what we already told you.Finola Hughes will appear on Night Shift as Anna Devane. According to the mag Ms. Hughes will be on a "few" episodes of the primetime spinoff.

RANDOM RUMORS... Sonny and ZaCrazy stuff coming up.  Claudia and ZaCrazy, daddy wants her to move back home.  Jax is back.  Remember Kate interrupts Jax and Carly and what could be a reconciliation. Karpov getting close to Carly's son? Jerry hurt?