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Jeanne Cooper, "Victor and Nikki's Days Are Over"

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Jeanne Cooper recently did an interview with Michael Fairman at Michael Fair On Air On Soaps.


In the interview they discuss her career at The Young and the Restless, her win at the 2008 Emmy Awards, Restless Style, whether or not she believes Victor and Nikki are over and much more.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.

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TV SOAP: Was the sudden departure of Raya Meddine (Sabrina) a bit of a shock to the cast, or to you, as it had been made out to be by Internet rumors and reports? Do you think it’s just to get Victor and Nikki back together?

JEANNE: I think Victor and Nikki days are over, because there are a lot of people who are star-crossed lovers, and as they become older, the general reaction is “They will never be parted.” You will always want Victor and Nikki back together, and they probably will from time to time, but you cannot at this point have Victor going off and impregnating another woman. The audience at home, at some point, will not like what happens. The wives will turn to their husbands and say, “Can’t you ever settle down?” And that’s who Victor is, unless you make him settle down. I don’t know if Eric Braeden (Victor) is willing to give up that part of the character at this point. He always wants that challenge, which is part of life and he does it very, very, well. And so does Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki). They are superb and accepting of these types of situations.

Be sure to read the full interview HERE