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Young and the Restless: Spoilers

Seems like absolution and coups are on the menu at, The Young and the Restless and, I had to share all with the DC fans!

Seems like the Grand Dame of Genoa City starts to have doubts about her long lost daughter really being her missing child. Katherine decides its time for her to break out the Jessica Fletcher shoes and dig around to find out if she and Jill are really kin…


Brad: He pulls off something shocking that no one saw coming... He confesses all about his hand in David’s return to gambling to Nikki! Word has it that because of this revelation, he ends up on Victor’s naughty list along with Jack and Walter; David’s former mob buddy.

Neil: Even though it looks like he’s being replaced at running Newman Enterprises by Adam think again. He is made the acting head of the company resulting in a humbling experience for the yet again re-named Victor Adam. This should be interesting to see for those of us (myself included), that are itching for Mr. Winters to finally show some sort of a back bone and for Adam er Victor II to be put in his place.

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