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All My Children Spoilers

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Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I am happy to have a break from the heat! Let's dig right in!

Fusion: JR compiles a plan to take over Fusion while Babe is furious that Kendall and Greenlee once again are no-shows at work.  Rumor has it that Adam may have other plans of his own for Fusion.  Could we see a Chandler v. Chandler? Babe and Amanda realize they both offered Carmen and Randi the same job.  Unfortunately, the new Fusion chicas are not happy to see one another.  Carmen decides to try and get her job back at the Chandler Masion. 

Erica: Superstar (Erica) convinces Samuel that her history with Jackson is just that, history!   Jackson decides to get back into the dating scene and asks Carmen out, huh?  

Annie: Annie continues to see dead people, I mean Richie.  Tad and Jesse break into Annie's car and find something missing from her car.  Zach continues to coax Annie for information on the night Richie died.  Kendall and Zach suspect Annie might have did her brother in. 

Opal and Palmer's kid (as Tad refers to him) tells Colby he has mad love for her, but does our little bottle hitting Chandler return the feelings?  Speaking of Tad, Krystal finally tells him she kissed Adam.  Why they keep continuing with this couple I will never understand, they give me migraines!  Apparently Kathy will express her opinion too by tellling Krystal to leave her daddy alone!!!! 

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Wedding Bliss: The Devane's are in wedding bliss as Ryan tries not to loose it but no worries Kendall hugs him.  Greens finds herself stuck in the jet bathroom with Ryan, let's hope no one used it before hand!  

Who will die?: A major story involving two current characters who die via Tornado is coming to Pine Valley.  This is most likely the umbrella story Charles Pratt has been talking about. Could this be the end of Cassandra? Not sure, but keep checking back here for updates in the next coming weeks, I am trying to obtain further information!

Taylor Thompson:
The blonde lady finally gives her name up tp Jake who looks up her old Iraq buddy Frankie.