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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I’m not sure if it’s stupidity, arrogance or naïveté that made Sonny think Karpov wouldn’t bring in drugs, just because he told him not to. I mean, wasn’t Karpov known as the European drug guy? So wouldn’t it be a natural assumption that that’s what he would be shipping? And Sonny, if you’re so opposed, why not call in an anonymous tip to the police and have Karpov’s butt thrown in jail. That’s what I did, the last time my Russian mob friend double crossed me!!

The last time I shipped illegal drugs into the country, I took better care of the shipment once it landed. It’s just sitting there, with no guards or anything. That pier is busier than Macy’s on the day after Thanksgiving (being Canadian, I have no idea how busy Macy’s is, but I figured that was a decent analogy!!!). Matt, Nadine, Claudia, Sam, Lucky, Carly, Jason, Claudia again, Jerry, they all passed by the giant shipment of unwatched drugs, Carly going as far as almost opening one of the crates with the crowbar that was handily sitting there.

Where exactly did Spinelli end up, since it didn’t seem to be the same spot that everyone else was going to? And unless she followed him directly, how did super sleuth Maxie find him?

I’m not sure if I prefer, piano playing Flashlight Logan or cake holding Flashlight Logan, but both would make a happy addition to my next party. Maybe have him hold a bowl of chip and dip. People can hang their jackets on the knife sticking out of his gut. Even if the power goes out, he’ll light the way for us. Ah good times, good times.

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What woman, in her right mind, shows up at her fiance’s house, with three bouquets of bridal flowers and asks him his opinion? If I had pulled that on my husband, he would certainly have looked at me like I had a second head coming out of the side of my neck. I had a hard enough time getting him to deal with the guy stuff, like tuxedos, without having him help decide my flowers. At this rate, Sonny’s going to run screaming from the wedding before it even happens.

Nadine/Nik: Well, it’s about time. I kept expecting her to plant one on him in forever, and she finally did.