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The Imaginary L-Word???

There's a new (imaginary) kid on Eden's block on the latest installment of Imaginary Bitches. No, I don't mean Danny Wood. He wasn't imaginary, he was invisible, there's a difference.

Much like Heather and Catherine showed up when Eden's real life Besties (Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hendrickson, Connie Fletcher Staton and Brooke Nevin) weren't there for Eden when she needed them, Jennifer appears just as Eden is growing weary of Catherine's bitchy barbs and Heather's not-so-subtle psychic attempts to see Eden land a moral's charge.

Jennifer only seems to want the best for Eden, and maybe to act out the kissing scene between Shug and Miss Celie in The Color Purple.  The question is, why did straight Eden invent an imaginary lesbian? The other question is, why aren't pay cablers camped out outside Andrew Miller and Eden Riegel's SoCal home like geeks in anticipation of  the latest superhero flick  to turn this id-tastic web show into a TV series already?

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Major props to Fletcher Staton as Connie and Nevin as the "dick-whipped" Brooke who snap, crackle and pop alongside Riegel and Hendrickson in this installment.  Be sure to check out next Friday's megasized season finale of Imaginary Bitches to find out if our Eden is about to switch teams or if she will remain strictly-dickly.