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Days of our Lives: Storyline of the Week Poll

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I just finished watching this week's Days of Our Lives episodes and for the first time in months, I wasn't disappointed!  I loved the return of Stefano; pretending to be unconscious even though all his tests indicated otherwise, playing Tony and EJ off each other right from the beginning by revealing himself awake to each son separately (oh, let the games BEGIN!), hearing everything clueless Anna had to say about him and his evil ways, and then not reacting when first Marlena came into his room and when Jawn tried to smother him with the pillow.  Then there was that evil laugh at the end of Wednesday's episode... I'm so looking forward to more!!


Next thing I loved?  Bo and Hope's renewal of vows, complete with flashbacks of every single wedding and non-wedding they've ever had!  Awww, how gorgeous did Hope look?  Ciara is a cutie as well, and I almost didn't recognise Bo without all his facial hair!!  The horse and carriage was a romantic touch and lets also not forget how nice it was to see an actual outside location shooting!  Wow!  Salem exists outside again!  Nice one Days.

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The other big storylines for the week included Max getting to know his sister better in jail (I'm finding Melanie's character annoying, how about you?), as well as Philip coming clean to Morgan about his role in Paul's disappearance; we saw more of Trent vs Nicole, and Ava did a runner to avoid facing trial.  Marlena got attacked and we all got a break from Sami, Lucas and Chloe.

So now you know my votes for storylines of the week - what were yours?  If your preferred choice isn't listed below, please leave a comment with the storyline you most enjoyed.