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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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A lot of detailed spoilers are available for this week’s Days of Our Lives episodes, you’d think they were trying to entice you away from any Olympics watching!  This week, it’s all about Stefano and his return to Salem and evilness.  Woot!  Color me happy!  Throw in a bit of EJami love and this week is looking even better… I know it’s been reported that Days is going storyline lite while the Olympics are on, but for me, the spoilers are the most interesting I’ve read for months.  In fact, I think we should have Olympic programming more often… Anyhoo, read on for the August 11 – 15 Denial Island Preview.


Stefano’s evil plan number 1 gets thwarted when Anna spills the beans to Jawn that his half brother is conscious.  Recognising that Blondie will be number one target, Jawn and Anna hightail it over to Doc’s apartment where they find her paralyzed on the floor – Jawn’s CPR training kicks in and he manages to stabilize her before she's rushed to hospital.  This brings about a change in Jawn’s perception of Blondie – could this be the beginning of a new J & M romance?


Unfortunately for Marlena, Stefano has used the exact same toxin as was used on him.  So while Kayla searches for an antidote to a toxin that is fairly untraceable and irreversible, Marlena is understandably a bit frightened.  At the same time, Tony learns Marlena was responsible for Stefano’s coma and confronts her.  Before Kayla can try her miracle cure, Stefano’s evil plan number 2 is put into action, where a hallucinogenic vapor fills the air at the hospital.


This hallucinogen causes those who inhale it to think they see Stefano wherever they go (LOL that is just gold).  Among those affected are Marlena, Kayla and Sami.  In Marlena’s case, she receives a visit from the actual Phoenix who leaves her with no misunderstanding that he wants revenge, and she can think again about getting her beloved John back from the pieces of the broken disc, he holds the pieces up to her eyes before throwing it into the trash (that's what you get when you trust Rolf).

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Sami’s hallucination causes her to see Stefano whilst talking to EJ.  Scared, Sami runs and hides in a stairwell that is free from the gas.  EJ follows her but gets tripped by Sami, who thinks he is Stefano coming after her.  Once the gas has cleared, Sami realizes its EJ passed out of the floor and she expresses some long-waited for emotion towards him (long-waited if you’re an EJami fan that is).  Let’s just hope she doesn’t take it back the next time she has scenes with Lucas.  They share a kiss after a heartfelt conversation, which Nicole witnesses – this will lead into next week’s major storyline, Nicole’s film noir fantasy.


Back at the hospital, while everyone is hallucinating Stefano’s everywhere (LOL), Baby Joe is kidnapped!  If you’ve been paying attention to next week’s spoilers then you’ll already know by who, but if you don’t I’ll give you a clue… Evil plan number 3! But more about that next week.


Coming Up Next Week (Aug 18 - 22):

•    Nicole’s film noir fantasy (the actors look good, not sure about the storyline)

•    Lucas sees EJ and Samantha’s intimate moment (Stefano’s evil plan number 4 maybe?)

•    EJ and Tony unite against Jawn

That’s it for this week – it’s sounding good, I just hope it looks as good on screen.  As always, leave me a comment if you agree or disagree, what you’re looking forward to seeing this week or come join us in the Days thread on the TFO forums.

Brooke’s All Important Disclaimer:  All screencaps come from Chit Chat Haven and are taken from previously aired Days of Our Lives episodes.  No spoiler pics are posted.