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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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For two people on the run, who didn’t have time to pack a bag before they left, Johnny and Lulu certainly have a wide range of clothes and accessories. Practically every time we see Lulu now, she’s wearing something different. Who knew you could continue to be stylish, even while being on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Also, is it just me, or is Johnny being incredibly blasé about Lulu going crazy. “Oh, you’ll get it over it. Give it time”. She killed someone and covered it up, it’s not like she missed a question on her English paper. The girl is screaming like a lunatic every five seconds and jumping at shadows, it’s time to get her some help. And why hasn’t anyone else who lives in that building heard her screams? You’d think there’d be someone banging on the ceiling, telling her to shut up.

Skate: Meh. Although I’m seriously disappointed that Diane went along with Sonny and didn’t tell Kate what was up. She started to get into it and Sonny shook his head no, so she changed her story to that Max is being overworked. I would have hoped that Diane’s loyalty to Kate as a friend, would have made her say something or have Sonny tell the truth. I’m not a fan of Kate’s but I hate that she’s being duped by everyone and their uncle, even if she’s the type to stick her head in the sand and not question what’s going on around her.

Poor Nadine. She hasn’t got a chance in heck with Nikolas. And was that a chem test between Liz and Nikolas? We haven’t seen them be that friendly towards each other in a long while and it just seemed like maybe the writers were testing the waters. Which would be silly, considering we already have Nadine and possibly Claudia attached to Nikolas.

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Jerry tells Karpov that he missed Jason and Karpov doesn’t question why Jason was down on the docks, so close to that giant shipment of drugs. Weird.

Poor Spinelli. Love Maxie, but she really is being too heavy handed when it comes to “saving” Spinelli. And I’m not sure how I feel about Maxie being dragged into mob stories and being suddenly friendly with Carly. It’s like, Lulu’s gone, so someone has to nip at Carly’s feet and listen to her almighty word. Although, Maxie does get the line of the day:

Maxie to Carly: “Jason’s a blockhead. He dodges bullets for fun and profit”