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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.11.08

It's gonna be a quickie, I'm a busy gal today!  Check back for updates!

The Scrubs Proposal.... is it at GH? At Jake's?  Remember, there are a possible three proposals before Robin agrees to become Mrs. Drake. The scenery may be suspect for a marriage proposal but from what I keep seeing, Patrick is 1000% serious. Still hearing that the ultrasound is happening on screen on General Hospital.  So much for the sync up with Night Shift.

Kimberly McCullough

Johnny calling in for sisterly back-up?  SPOILERS say that Johnny asks Claudia to look into Laura's breakdown.

Liason scene this week!  Will the fan favorite couple be on two days this week?  I am hearing they're scenes are Wednesday and Thursday.  I don't want to get any Liason fan's hopes up, namely mine, but I am also seeing that these are some pretty good scenes. RUMORS of a goodbye just may be an intended goodbye kiss that goes much further. Will Jason realize what he took from Sonny when he blackmailed him to give up Michael and Morgan? 

StoneCold and the Jackal stake out should be tomorrow. 
Maxie succeeds in rescuing Spinelli today.

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Jerry is hurt, again.

LuSam... Lucky says I love you. Will Sam return the sentiment?  RUMORS say she's a shocked lady when Lucky professes his love. RUMORS also there is a LuSam love scene as well. Remember I already SPOILED that Sam and Lucky come clean with Elizabeth about the fake break-up. How will Elizabeth take the news? At first, not well. She's been running all over town trying to get her ex reunited with her one-time enemy.  She may be a little ticked, but it should be short lived.


Naudia... are they giving in to the sexual tension?

Sonny is going after ZaCrazy!
  Remember the whack job threatens Kristina.

Finola Hughes on Night Shift
Look for Anna Devane to make the primetime jump towards the end of the season.