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The Young and the Restless: Carbon Copy

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We've all done it before, pretended to be someone we're not. Whether we're playing dress up in mom and dad's clothes, in a school play or, just for fun. We've all wanted to be someone that we weren't. In Adam Newman's case he wants to be his father and it comes off as a poor imitation. As a friend used to tell me, "The blue print's always better than the carbon copy," meaning the original's always better than the reproduced versions. As much as Adam er Victor II tries to act like The Great Victor Newman, he's not the old man.


For quite some time now, I've been trying to figure out what the latest Newman heir's motives are. I've always had my ideas but something he'd do or say would throw me on another course. Now everything seems crystal clear when its all brought to light.

All the mind games and maneuvering can be found in Victor's play book on getting to the top, but Adam's execution always falls flat. It comes off as a poor attempt to fill his dad's shoes. Like Victor, Adam strikes when the iron's hot. Unfortunately, the junior Newman fails to attack swiftly and undetected like senior Newman can. Unlike his father, Adam never seems to be ahead of the game which makes him end up looking like the opportunist, something big brother Nick called him out on.

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Adam's misstep was trying to torpedo the man that his father trusts most, Neil, just to gain control of the elusive prize, Newman Enterprises. Victor would never throw his top "yes man" under the bus. Everyone knows you need a number two next to the number one spot. That, as Victor senior would say, is a "costly mistake" in judgment that may come back to bite him big time.