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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly, Sonny, Lulu free day. Woohoo.

Ok, what did we have today.

We have Trevor/Anthony threatening Claudia with hopes of bringing Johnny home. Good thing she pointed out that Johnny would see through that, because he totally would. It's like that's the only solution TreAnthony have. "How do we get Johnny home? Do we pool our massive resources and hire someone, like a PI to go and look for him? No, lets threaten to kill Claudia, that'll do the job". Think outside the mob box, boys.

We have Spinelli, again, feeling inadequate and thinking he needs to "man up" for Maxie's sake (instead of the show doing something wacky like Maxie being the tough one in that relationship and Spinelli being fine with it). We have Jason finally agreeing to help Spin and therefore, we have a JaSpin the middle of the day. Sure. No one's going to notice that. Also, why is Spin so hot? Is there no air conditioning in that car? Or windows that open?

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We have the return of Alexis. Loved her scene with Maxie. She knows Ms Jones isn't on the up and up. Loved the Alexis/Nik scene. Hated the Alexis/Anthony scene. Again, he's going to threaten Kristina? Really Anthony? That's all you've got?

Loved the Scrubs finding out the baby is a girl. They should totally name her Georgie. Loved the Robin/Maxie stuff. KMc and KS always play it like they really have grown up together as sisters.

All in all, not a bad episode, although too heavy on the Trevor for my liking.