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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.12.08


The LuSam Reveal... not quite as scandalous as I make it sound but Elizabeth does show up at Sam's after Lucky and Sam have hit the sheets sofa.  During their post sex bliss, the couple discuss their relationship. Is this when Lucky drops the I Love You? Not sure but SPOILERS say Elizabeth shows up at Sam's most likely trying to once again get her one-time enemy to reunite with Lucky.  LuSam fills Liz in on the details of their fake out. 

More RUMBLINGS that Jagger will be back on General Hospital.  Antonio Sabato Jr's
return to Port Chuck via Night Shift had the fans wondering if we'd see Jagger back on our daytime TV and we're hearing it COULD be happening.

Nikolas consults Alexis... will his aunt suggest mental illness as a defense?

When Jax returns he's not happy.  He'll find his wife way too deep in the mob world they fought to get the boys away from. 


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Sam McCall, Police Officer? That's one CRAZY RUMOR out there.


Liason Push?  Have the fans been heard or is someone trying to get Liason Fan's hopes up?  RUMORS sugggest that what was once stalled MAY now be getting a little pick me up.  We will see what happens as I know evey Liason fan will be waiting for their couple to happen. With every bit of hope however, there's always something/someone waiting in the wings to shatter it.  Some insiders say that while we'll get the few Liason scenes what we'll start to see is Jason and Elizabeth more with other characters than each other. Also out there is that Jason may start liking being the mob king pin more and more.  Will he become a power addict too?

Anna and Robert leaving together?  That's a RUMOR out there for Night Shift.  I mentioned that we should look for Finola Hughes to pop up on the primetime sudser towards the end of the show's second season run.  Now RUMORS say that a cured Robert will leave PC with Anna at his side.

Another RUMOR making the rounds...
someone gets married on September 26th but it's not Sonny and Kate.  Who?  Scrubs!  There are more RUMORS popping up surrounding Sonny and Kate's nuptials.  I am STILL hearing that Skate's wedding takes a dire turn and there MAY be blood shed.  There are some that claim despite the RUMORS, Sonny and Kate will in fact marry.