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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Why do I get the feeling that Lulu is “going crazy” only because she thinks she’s supposed to? ‘Mom thought she killed a man and then went crazy. I did kill a man and everyone says I’m exactly like Mom, therefore I’m going crazy, just like Mom’. Like somehow, if she says it enough than it will happen, so she should just accept it. When Johnny walked in and she was sitting quietly by the window, that’s the first thought that came into my head. She’s preparing herself. “First, we sit by the window, then we start to drool”. The only thing missing is the robe.

Alexis/Anthony: First off, shouldn’t Viola be paying more attention to Kristina? Shouldn’t she be keeping the crazy man away from the child she’s watching, instead of chatting on the phone while Kristina wanders off. Secondly, I really wish Alexis would remember that she’s a Cassadine and unleash some Cassadine-ness on Anthony’s butt. I wish she would have grabbed the wheelchair, leaned down right in his face and said, “If you come near me or my daughter again, I will cut off your cojones, fry them up and feed them to you. I trained at the feet of the mistress of darkness herself, you crazy little man”. That would totally make my day.

Speaking of Kristina, love the haircut. Plus we got a Morgan sighting today as well. All we were missing was Cameron to round out the pretty children.

I loved the Alexis/Diane scene. Well played on both actresses part. Loved when Jerry showed up and said something in French to Diane and she was all, ‘yeah whatever’. Love how she’s totally unimpressed by Jerry, Sonny, Jason….

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Why is Trevor, who’s burnt his bridges with everyone, suddenly asking favours around town? First Alexis and now Sonny. Here’s a thought, Trev, deal with your crazy employer on your own. You created him, now deal with him.

Loved Maxie going off on Jason for not taking care of Spinelli. Had to chuckle at the Matt/Spin scene.

Loved that karma has arrived at Patrick’s doorstep and he now has to deal with the joys of raising a daughter.

CarJax: I'd be more on Carly's side, in terms of Jax running from his wives, if she hadn't, you know, done the greasy little mobster. Oh, and Jax, there's this thing called a comb, look into it.

Skate: I'd care more, if, you know, I actually cared about Sonny. Oh and Kate, thank you for taking off the tin foil skirt you've been sporting for about a week.