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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.13.08


Liason... their scene is at the docks tomorrow. That kiss scene I've been mentioning MAY be what we see more towards the end of the month.  SPOILERS say Elizabeth goes looking for Jason after talking to Robin. There are RUMORS of added in scenes with Lucky, Liz and the boys with Jason seeing them together. Knowing that Jason is hurting, Elizabeth is RUMORED to seek him out. Still seeing more and more that the fans MAY have been heard and Liason will have a boost towards the end of August.

LuSam... Sam's in danger and Lucky tries to help.  Will he blow her cover instead?  Remember Lucky plays doctor and patches Sam up.

Is Johnny telling the truth?  RUMORS say Johnny will tell Lucky what really happened the night Logan Hayes was killed.  Johnny is nabbed when he takes Lulu to get help.  RUMORS say Lucky is on Johnny's side and that Claudia MAY have to turn to an enemy to free her little bro.

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Nikolas and Claudia.... I mentioned Naudia finally giving in to all that sexual tension.  Now RUMORS say Nadine walks in and sees Claudia in Nikolas's shirt and nothing else.

What's up with Dr. Matt Hunter?  He has been paying close attention to the Doctors Drake and his interest in Robin's ultrasound results yesterday may have you thinking along that same Drake path BUT what if he's really interested in the Scorpio's? 

Sonny and Jason have their talk this week.  Will they part as friends?

There is TONS of talk about a HUGE increase in fan calls to the comment line.  Apparently, they have not been ignored.  323-671-4583... ring them up and from what is being said, it's the mature, calm, calls that are getting noticed. 

Programming Note: I'll be gone for a few days.  IF (and that's a HUGE IF) I can find a few moments to drop some scoop, I will.  Regular Spoilers & Scoops will resume on Tuesday!