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The Young and the Restless: Scoops & Spoilers

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Sharon: her allegiance is shown when Jack and Nick get into a fight.


Adam: The wanna be Victor Newman, Sr. conspires to control Newman Enterprises.

Cane/Chloe: the put in for a marriage license.

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Victor/Nikki/Paul/JT: Super sleuths Paul and JT discover that Victor is in Mexico along with Walter, David’s old mob buddy. The dynamic duo fill Nikki in on their information and are also worried that Victor will try to take matters into his own hands and end up killing Walter or worse, get himself killed.

Nikki decides she’s now a crime fighter and wants to head off to Mexico, to prevent Victor from getting into danger or end up in a Mexico prison which leads Paul to accompany her. Down in Mexico, Walter shows up at the exact bar which has become Victor’s second home, he invites Victor on a boating trip which he agrees to even though there is a storm raging.

When Paul gets word of the storm, he tries to persuade Nikki that their rescue mission of Victor should be placed on hold. Nikki doesn’t want to hear any of it and still wants to press on. The best friends show up at Victor’s watering hole and discover he’s not around but Nikki find a clue that shows he was there- Sabrina’s earring.

Nikki grills the bartender about her ex-hubby’s whereabouts and he reveals that Victor has gone out to sea with someone (Walter). Nikki tries to bring Nick up to speed on what’s happening in Mexico but due to the storm the phone lines go down….