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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Way too much JoLu today. Although, looks like Johnny finally bought a clue and is bringing her to the help she needs. Either that or he suddenly realized she’s not worth the headache!! Has it ever been explained why Lourdes comes and goes from the window?

Yeah, a Cameron/Jake sighting!! Too cute. And I laugh everytime Lucky shows up with those kids and looks like he enjoys them so much, while Jason just stands there watching. Serves him right.

Also, loved shirtless Lucky with Sam. Yummy eye candy for me, since Ric has apparently disappeared off the planet.

Scrubs: I thought for sure she’d argue with him when he said he didn’t want Jason around his daughter. Glad that she didn’t. Although I had to disagree with her when she made the comment that Jason didn’t know what he was getting into when he started working for Sonny all those years ago. Yes he did. And he knew exactly what he was getting into a couple of months ago when he took over the business. Let’s not shed tears over poor Jason’s imaginary but rectifiable plight.

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I despise Sonny, am not a fan of the mob or Jason, but I have to say, I did enjoy their little fight today. Glad they explained the guard situation regarding Alexis. That she does have them, but they chose not to interfere so as not to scare Kristina. Loved that Jason was so pissed that Sonny brought Karpov and his drugs into his territory and now is washing his hands of it and leaving a big mess for Jason to clean.

Line of the day:

Jason to Sonny: “You wanted me to take over the business. You don’t get to tell me what I’m doing wrong”

Unintentionally funny line of the day:

Sonny to Jason: “Kristina’s the only child I have access to now, thanks to you.”

I had to laugh because Sonny’s always the victim. Like Jason forced him at gunpoint to give up his boys.

Kate, have you heard of a telephone? I mean, showing up at the Jackes house, after hours, when she just saw Jax earlier and she knows Carly hates her, is really just asking for trouble.