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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it just me, or does Anthony’s renovated house suddenly look a lot like Lorenzo’s old house?

Interesting Mike/Sonny scene. Although is it just me, or did Sonny invite Mike over for his perspective and then totally dismissed it?

So, are SaSon going to kiss and make up now? “I misunderstood you. No, I misunderstood you.” Eh, they were more fun when they were at each other’s throats. Atlhough, again, Sonny’s all, “you should have known what I was up to without my telling you what I was up to, rather than have me call you and tell you what I was up to.” Jason’s brain damaged, not psychic. Sonny, always the victim.

Kate wins the hypocrite of the day award. Walks into Sonny’s living room, sees Jason, (calmly having a conversation with Sonny) and says, “Oh Jason, are you here again?”. This from the one who ran over to Jax’ rather than call him on the phone.

CarJax: Two things I noticed about that montage, the different hairstyles they’ve both had over the past couple of years and the amount of scenes of them making out that there are. Why can’t my favourites have that many love scenes?

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Can someone explain Sam’s “job” to me. She’s piloting the cargo ship and “landing” it at the piers. But she’s not piloting it from it’s original destination, wherever that may be. So, someone’s piloting it into the waters of the PC harbour and the getting off and then she gets on, and brings it into the docks and then unloads it?? Because that seems mighty contrived if that’s the case.

Also Sam, don’t stand up and start running towards the gunfire. Silly, silly girl.

Loved, loved, loved the Nikolas/Anthony scenes. That’s what I wanted from Alexis when she was with AZ. Strong, confident, kick ass, no nonsense Cassadine greatness. Loved it and I liked that Claudia stood back and admired Nik.

Lines of the day:

Anthony: "I'm a busy man, Mr Cassadine"

Nikolas: "People to kill? Bodies to bury?"

Anthony: "You come into my home to insult me?"

Nikolas: "If you want to blame your son for becoming a murderer, you might want to look in the mirror"

Anthony: "Johnny's staying with me. If you and your sister interfere, I'll have your throats cut"

Nikolas: "I'm not scared of you. I've been dealing with murdering sociopaths all my life."