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On the Newsstands

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On the newsstands, The Restless Style war heats up on The Young and the Restless, when Nick and Phyllis decide to treat Jack to a dose of his own medicine. The Newmans write a scathing article about Jack in regards to his business dealings.


The duo dish about how callous Smilin’ Jack can be and due to his high handedness, cost him his job at Jabot. Phyllis also decides to write a bit of information on Sharon where she portrays Sharon as just Jack’s pawn and can’t think for herself.

The concept comes about due to Nick being upset with Jack’s unscrupulous dealings at the magazine and, Phyllis tired of Jack’s ego.  Working with him takes her back to the days when she and Jack were hitched and, she also isn’t able to tolerate Sharon always being around Nick.

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