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Why do you think David Hayward comes to town?

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Vincent Irizarry

Ever since I heard about the return of David Hayward to All My Children, I have been asking myself one question, "Why or Who could make David Hayward come back to a town that hates him?"  To me, not since Adam Chandler or even Billie Clyde Tuggle has Pine Valley  seen a good villian who everyone loved to hate like David Hayward.  

The last we saw of Mr. Hayward was in 2006, when he announced to Tad and Dixie that Emma McDermott was Kate and happily told Dixie that Krystal was carrying Tad's child.  Even his sister-in-law, Greenlee Smythe Dupree (sorry she will always be married to Leo to me!) told him to take a hike!  So why now ? 

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I have a theory and this is my theory alone, there is no truth to it that I have seen or heard. I just have a feeling that the reason David Hayward flys back into town is because Babe will die.  Ok, I know your thinking I am crazy but David has a soft spot for his daughter even when she told him to jump off a cliff, he is still her dad regardless.  How Babe will die can be any number of things but one that might hold some truth is Crazy Annie. 

The woman has not been right since Ryan lost his memory and giving that she is pregnant, her hormones are through the roof!!!  No offense to anyone who is preggers just making a point.  Who is to say that Annie trumps a plan to kill Greenlee and accidentally kills Babe?   It could happen thus bringing dear old Daddy Hayward back to avenge his daughter's death!  Victims would be Ryan for associating himself with Annie and marrying her, Krystal for not taking of care of Babydoll because she was too busy playing house with Tad Martin, JR for not loving Babe enough or right  (David's words not mine) and anyone else I am sure he would find an excuse to hate!