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All My Children Scoops & Spoliers

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Hey everyone! Hope your weekend is going well! Buckle up folks and keep your hands in car, it's going to be a bumpy ride this week on All My Children!

Fusion:   Last week I told you that JR devises a plan to take over Fusion for Babe who is all too happy about the plan and Adam will be throw his hat into the bid, however, hold the phone, here comes Pete Cortland! Yep I said Pete, who plants his lips on Colby right in front of the old coot.  Pete uses Adam's anger to his advantage and they come to an understanding with the help of daddy P.C.   Look out Fusion girls, the Cortland's and the Chandler's know how to play dirty! Annie Lavery puts herself into the middle of  the takeover, could this be the way to rid herself from Greenlee land? 

While a plan is being cooked up to take over the cosmetic giant, Amanda and Babe tell Kendall and Greenlee that the company is doing so well because they have been showing up at the office and working.  This goes right over the heads of the creators of Fusion.  Mrs. Devane and Mrs. Slater are too gungho about getting the dirt on CrazyAnnie when they learn about the key, what will it unlock?

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Kathy (Kate) Martin v. Krystal Carey Martin:    The little tike will pull out all the stops to keep her step-mommy away from her daddy! Only big brother JR has a few words for Kathy about her little plan.  This scooper is all for Team Kathy!!! In fact, I say Kathy get your girl Emma to help you rid of Krystal, her mommy is an expert on ridding of people. 

The Hubbards:  Cassandra wants to jet off to Paris only Jesse has other plans.  Angie wants to know what her hubby was up to all those years he was missing.  Our friend Nelson Branco reports that Yaya DaCosta's last date is August 20.  

Laverys:  Ryan is getting sick of his wifey to the point where he tells her about his love for Greenlee.  Does this man really want a tire wrench to the head? Greenlee gets the low down on Ryan's feelings for her from Kendall.  Greenlee confronts Ryan about it will she share the same?  Annie's dirty laundry spills all over Pine Valley!  

Amanda and Jake:  Amanda plays dress up with Jake.  Mr. Martin dares her to put on a costume and show up at ConFusion.  Never dare a Dillon! The two go on a date, only Jake tells Amanda it's not what she thinks.  Aww come on Jake, just let Amanda play!

Miscellaneous: Jack and Carmen share a kiss and Erica is none too happy about it!  No worries LaKane, Carmen has her eye on another piece of candy! Frankie get's a warning from Randi's pimp.  Randi gets the wrong idea about Frankie and Taylor's relationship.   In the next couple weeks, a storm is a coming and two major characters will be meeting their maker!  Who? Cassandra? Babe? Not sure, its anybody's guess at this point, stay tuned!