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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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I have to say I’m a little ho hum about this week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives – thanks to the spectacular news about the firing of Executive Producer Ed Scott, once again, the behind the scenes stuff at Days is far more soapy than the onscreen antics!!  If you are planning to tune in this week though, here’s a preview of what you can expect (August 18 – 22).


Nicole’s film noir fantasy.  Oy.  I’ve seen Monday’s episode and this whole storyline is sooooo cheesy (and not in a good way).  Anyhoo, after seeing EJ and Sami’s lip lock in the hospital, an upset Nicole barges into DiMansion looking for Rolf.  She finds alcohol instead, and after helping herself, drifts into a daydream (the film noir fantasy).  In it, she and EJ are married, as are Lucas and Sami; except EJ and Sami are having an affair, and after Nicole finds this out, she tries to kill Sami in a jealous fit. 

Back in the land of reality (as much as is possible on Days), the hospital is still in lockdown, although RoboJawn manages to get some fresh air on the 7th floor and everyone breathes a sigh of relief (ha!).  A few floors down where the Salem PD have set up their base of operations, Abe arrives to be briefed on the situation by Rotox (Roman).

Both Marlena and Jawn see dead people.  Marlena sees and talks with her sister Samantha, and Jawn encounters his father Santo, and his old self ‘John’.  Sam encourages Marlena to fight to live, urging her to ‘use the force’ (not really) to pick up the antidote and inject herself with it, which she does.  Santo and John urge Jawn not to give up on his love for Marlena.  Yes J&M fans, they seem to be bringing your couple slo o o wly back together.  The antidote works – Marlena wakes up and her initial prognosis is positive (until Round 2 from Stefano).

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Baby Joe is still missing, and we’ll see Stefano give him to Rolf to do who-knows-what to him.  Later, Steve and Kayla find their baby son and freak out what happened to him while he was gone – they figure out Stefano had something to do with his disappearance (well, really, that doesn’t take a genius).

Speaking of Stefano, more evil deeds this week – he comes across Lucas and Chloe, and shows Lucas the feed of Sami and EJ together (go Stefano!) which is just another betrayal by Sami to add to Lucas’ list.  He of course turns around and tells Nicole that it’s over between him and Sami (whatever… it’s not like we haven’t heard that before).

Tony is only mentioned once in the spoilers, which is disappointing – I hope he’s around more than that.  I really enjoyed watching him and Anna last week.  He and EJ decide to team up to take down Uncle Jawn and reclaim their share of the DiMera Empire.  Hmm… I would have thought Stefano would be doing that, but oh well.  Meanwhile, Stefano tells Rolf they must go underground, and that must be some kind of record for Stefano – awake one day and already in trouble LOL.


Coming Up Next Week (August 25 – 29):

•    The return of those storylines you thought had been (hopefully) forgotten – Stax in France, Trent blackmailing Nicole, and the whole Paul Hollingsworth saga

•    Chelsea finds out boyfriend Daniel and Grandmaw Kate have slept together

•    Tony and Anna are the newest DiMera's to check into Hotel DiMansion

Well that’s it for this week.  As always, leave me a comment if you’re excited about this week’s episodes (or not) or come join us in the Days forum on TFO.

Thanks to Chit Chat Haven for their screencaps :=)