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Hinsey Won't Be replaced at 'Weekly'; Leahey Assumes Control

Editorial director of Soap Opera Digest and its sister publication Soap Opera Weekly, Lynn Leahey revealed to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco today that former Weekly editor Carolyn Hinsey won't be replaced.


"There will be no new editor at Soap Opera Weekly," says Leahey. "I will be assuming control of the magazine, while Stephanie Sloane continues as editor at Digest."

As Branco previously reported, budgetary issues were at the root of Hinsey's role being phased out.

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"Everyone knows when a new owner steps in, the person with highest salary is the first to go," says Branco. "The same thing happend to Mimi Torchin when Primedia took over."

Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest were both acquired by Source Interlink last May when the media corporation purchased Primedia's Enthusiast Media (EM) Division.