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Josh Griffith Given Walking Papers

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Nelson Branco has updated Friday's Suds Report today (Sunday) with more information about Ed Scott'sfiring from Days of Our Lives by Ken Corday and reveals that The Young and the Restless'Josh Griffith has been given his walking papers.

Check out the excerpt below.

Moments after Giddens’ bombshell scoop aired online, The Suds Report soon learned The Young and the Restless executive producer Josh Griffith was also given his walking papers on the very same day. Astute Suds readers will remember broke news suggesting CBS chief Barbara Bloom was angling to replace Griffith this past June. The reason? Griffith was also reportedly re-writing Maria Arena Bell’s scripts. However, after the Writers Guild of America sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Y&R studios, “Josh stopped hijacking scripts immediately, but everyone still wanted him fired,” points out a snitch. One can only assume Paul Rauch, who recently served as a consultant on Y&R on a short-term contract, will most likely inherit the top spot on daytime’s No. 1 soap opera.

Read the Suds Report for more details.

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