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One Life to Live: Does this mean that...

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LIVE BLOGGING: So I'm sitting here blogging away while watching today's One Life to Live and I just have to ask this.

Rex/Bo sleeps with David Vickers' mother, Emma Bradley. Unfortunately, the show's history has Asa as the father of David Vickers and not Bo.

Does Rex/Bo sleeping with Emma Bradley mean that any of the following are possible?

  1. Bo and not Asa could be the father of David Vickers?
  2. Assuming that Rex and Gigi make it back to the present day at some point, might Rex be David Vickers' father?
  3. If either option 1 or 2 is true is it possible that David Vickers no longer exists in the present?
  4. Will Rex/Bo sleeping with Emma Bradley have no impact on the present?
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I am really enjoying the 1968 storyline. It is actually my favorite storyline on the show, but I have to know what you all think are going to be the repercussions of Rex/Bo sleeping with Emma Bradley.