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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I’ve got to give props when props are due, and I’ve got to give them to Julie Berman. That girl can scream like nobody’s business. That had to be a tough scene to do, to not make it too over the top, but to convey Lulu freaking out over the police’s manhandling of Johnny and I do think JMB hit the right notes.

I wanted her to finally spit it out, that she’s the one that killed Logan, but she kept skirting around the issue and Nikolas just assumed that her angst was because Logan was dead, not that she was the one who did the deed. Hey Lainie, good to see you out of the closet.

Liz/Anthony: I’ve got to give Liz credit. She held her own with the crazy old man, a lot better than Alexis did. You could tell she was scared, but she blustered as best she could.

Why is Carly walking all over town, in high heels with a sprained ankle, carrying a heavy basket? Running shoes and a taxi would work better. I kind of like that she up and left in the middle of their rendez-vous. Give Jax just a taste and then get him to come running back to her. She’s not my favourite person, but that’s a smart move.

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Skate: Eh, she still doesn’t know the truth and he’s still lying to her. Whatev.

Lucky honey, I know you’re only a cop, but I’m thinking, removing the shirt might help clean out the wound. What exactly were those two doing? He puts a towel over the wound, then gets peroxide and shoves it under the towel, but over the shirt. Eeesh, of course she’ll get an infection that way. Good thing Liz can leave her nursing shift in the middle and steal some supplies to come and help out.

Scott/Anthony/Claudia: Interesting scene from all of them. Loved that Claudia was yelling at Trevor to stop standing there catching flies and do something, or she’d bring in someone younger.

Jason/Karpov: I know it was a plot point to bring out the little girl, but why on earth would Jason wait so long to take the shot. He had a clear opportunity for what seemed like 5 minutes, even when the lady lawyer was walking around Karpov. But no, he waits and then he can’t do it.