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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny/Carly/Kate free day!!

Jason Morgan’s a hypocrite. There, I said it. Let all the Jason fans flog me with their rotten tomatoes!!! There he is, all weepy because he came thisclose to shooting a little girl and oh, it’s just like what happened with Micheal. Well, that’s all well and good, but what about all the children out there, who no longer have fathers (and mothers) because Jason and Sonny wanted to rule the Eastern seaboard and killed anyone who encroached on their space. I’m thinking of Lila Rae and how her father was killed in her own house, while she napped upstairs. So really, if the show wants me to feel bad for poor misunderstood Jason and his oh so sorry plight, than they failed miserably. (End of rant!!!)

I liked the Lulu/Lucky scene and the Nik/Lulu scene. It’s interesting how Lulu seeing Logan parallels Nik seeing Emily.

Line of the day:

Nik to Lulu: “You don’t have to make this a self fulfilling prophecy”

Interesting to have all the Qs visit Lulu and nice of them to explain that Tracy wasn’t there because she’s gone to find Luke.

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Scotty on the other hand is coming across as a total asshat, getting in Lulu’s face.

Alexis/Anthony: Interesting that she tried to bluster her way through, but that he threw Sonny’s ineffectiveness back in her face. Although, I wish she would have turned around and said, “Hey Mac, have Mr Zachara arrested for threatening to kill the DA’s children”. I actually liked the fact that she went to Johnny with the pictures of her girls and tossed that onto his conscience.

Liz/Sam: Ok, so I sort of like that their semi-friends now. But I’m not sure how I feel about it!!

That Nik/Nadine kiss was a tad more violent than I would have liked. Although, I get where he was coming from.

Much as I love Anna, shouldn’t she be showing up once the baby is born to help, rather than now, when all Robin’s doing is working.