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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Sorry...needed a day to rest up!  Here's the Scoop! 08.20.08


Patrick Proposes!  Tomorrow!  I'm hearing a loud speaker may be involved. As previously reported, Robin says no and takes off.  Matt Hunter weighs in and tell the ladies of GH that Patrick will be cheating on Robin soon and to remember he called it first.  When Robin takes off she heads to the park and Patrick finds her there.  He assures her his proposal has the truest of intentions and that it's because he loves her.  Robin still says no.

Still hearing that Matt Hunter is a Drake. OR is he a Scorpio? 

Spinelli needs an operation?  SPOILERS say he's brought in unconscious and in need of an operation.  The RUMORS go on to say that Elizabeth calls Jason to tell him.  More Spin Stuff!  Is he hit by a car? Will he be telling Maxie that Jason is sleeping with the enemy?  Well his attorney....

Lulu turning to Jason for help?  RUMORS say Lulu asks for Jason's assistance in busting out of Shadybrook. Will she use Jake and Cam to force Jason into helping her? Will Sonny pay his friend's daughter a visit? RUMORS say Lulu MAY play on Jason's love for Elizabeth to help her bust out and see Johnny.  Jason takes her to the PCPD and IT MAY be while Lulu is in the middle of another episode where she MAY be seeing Logan in a pretty graphic state.  Nikolas begs Lucky to let her see Johnny as he may be the only way to calm Lulu down.


Nikolas learns the truth about Logan's death.  He'll go to Johnny and Nikolas may be the only one who believes Lulu. Look for Nikolas to share some of his own experiences with Johnny. 

Liason Kiss... RUMORS say its coming.  I'm hearing at the Penthouse and THIS MAY be the kiss that turns into more. What about Anthony threatening Elizabeth and the boys.  Will she tell Jason?  RUMORS say no but it doesn't mean someone else won't.  Possibly Trevor.

Isn't it bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding?  Is it the WORST LUCK EVER if the groom bleeds on the dress? Remember the bloodshed SPOILERS for Skate's wedding?  Sonny bleeding on her dress is not that RUMOR but I am still hearing someone is bleeding at the nuptials and it COULD BE Sonny or Kate.  Obviously they are picking the "Olivia" story back up, Kate mentioned her cousin and RUMROS say there will be more.

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Nikolas is the make out bandit!  He kissed Nadine and now RUMORS say he'll be kissing Claudia next.

Have plans for a Labor Day Cook Out?  I know I do, it's my little cousin's birthday party.  No Worries though, General Hospital is a rerun.  It's Logan's death that plays on Labor Day.

FANFIC or SPOILER?  You be the Judge... It's about Skate's wedding on September 26th.  When Sonny toast his latest wife, will a bullet come flying his way?  Can you take the boy out of the job but not the job out of the boy? RUMORS say Jason puts himself between Sonny and the bullet.  Remember there are RUMORS of Jason being shot.  Will Jason need time off to heal?  Well if this isn't a FANFIC, yes and the RUMORS go on to say that Sonny takes the biz back while Jason is laid up.

The Latest Night Shift episode description released:




Episode 208 ("Pay It Forward") – Jagger is forced to investigate the hospital – and its Chief of Staff Patrick – after the FBI discovers someone is illegally selling human organs. Meanwhile, Robert has a meltdown after he has had enough of the hospital. Elsewhere, Leo begins to feel the pressure of his "relationship" with Saira, Claire learns a hard truth about being a doctor and Toussaint and Epiphany reconcile their relationship on "General Hospital: Night Shift," TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

"General Hospital: Night Shift" stars Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Jagger Cates, Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio, Kimberly McCullough as Dr. Robin Scorpio, Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake, Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson, Billy Dee Williams as Touissant Dubois, Adam Grimes as Kyle, Carrie Southworth as Claire, Ethan Rains as Dr. Leo Julian and Azita Ghanizada as Dr. Saira Batra.

"Pay It Forward" was written by Sri Rao & Emily Branden

I'll be back with more...stay tuned.