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The Young and the Restless: Mini Spoilers

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Adam/Newman Enterprises/Victoria: Victor II plots to one up Victoria and  gain power of Newman Enterprises. Not only does he gain control but he also is the owner of the Newman Ranch!  Seems Victor had it set that Newman Enterprises owns the Newman ranch and the person that owns Newman owns the ranch also... Does this mean Adam will start eviction proceedings against Victoria and Nick?


Amber/Daniel: After Ms. Moore walks in on Daniel’s romp with Colleen, she becomes heartbroken about her ex moving on so fast. Amber lets Katherine know about what went down with Daniel and Colleen and Mrs. C tells Amber to have a lil’ sheet action of her own! Later on, Amber lets Daniel know that she’s moved on as well and met someone too and had her own sheet shimmy also. She tells Daniel that her new man, Liam is a pro surfer that she met at a club with tons of cash. Daniel is a bit skeptical about Amber’s revelation and thinks she’s just trying to make him jealous and the entire thing is a farce. The burning question remains, is Amber really making it up?

Neil: His true affections for Tyra are exposed.

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Victor/Nikki: Get ready for great storyline a to come our way. Believing that Victor’s dead as a result of a boat accident, Nikki gets reacquainted with an old friend; booze. After washing her grief away in alcohol and calling best friend and former drunk Katherine, Nikki wanders the beach looking for Victor when he appears to his ex wife. In the latest TV Guide, Melody Thomas Scott states, "He finally turns up and we have scenes that are very Scarlett and Rhett, and I don't mean that in a romantic way, but in the true sickness that was Scarlett and Rhett. It's really good stuff -- like classic Y&R from 20 years ago."