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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.21.08


Remember to check the comments for updates!  If you didn't, here's what you missed yesterday:

Will Nikolas learn more than who really killed Logan Hayes? RUMOR has it that Prince Nik finds out who really killed Rick Webber. Wonder what a Cassadine will do with that information. Will Lulu tell her mom she didn't really kill her step father? Is that what could have Laura staying sane? RUMORS say Genie will be around through October. Anyone remember those RUMORS that Nikolas' true Cassadine self will emerge? RUMORS say Nikolas must channel his inner Helena to protect Lulu from Anthony. ZaCrazy wants Loco Lulu gone... really gone.

Liason ... acting on their feelings. It's happening peeps, well it SHOULD be happeing, I'm seeing it everywhere. RUMORS now have the kiss happening at Jake's and one source says the docks. I'm still banking on the penthouse so the kiss can be more.


Ric Lansing Gigilo? It looks like Ric will be getting some on vacay. Claudia goes looking for her legal eagle when getting Johnny released proves to be more difficult than the Z's thought. RUMORS say she gets an eyeful and tells her attorney to put his pants on and get back to PC.

I told you Jax will be Karpov's latest enemy. Will a hit be put out on Carly's husband? More Jax news... is he out as Crimson's principle investor? RUMORS say Jax is the one who spills Kate's secret that she's really Connie Falconari.

I say name her Georgie but RUMORS say Robin may name her daughter Filomena.

Like Father, Like Son... RUMORS say Max's pop has a thing for Diane.

Spinelli's accident...
it's while on another stake out. This time with Maxie.

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More on Kate and the Connie bombshell. Obviously, Carly is thrilled that her hubby takes Kate Howard down a notch and I'm hearing that Kate and Sonny take off to the island to get away from it all. The Connie thing may not go away with a little trip to paradise. RUMORS say that someone from Connie's past shows up at the wedding.

Will the Limo Sex finally be revealed?  RUMORS have Jax and Kate confronting Carly and Sonny. 

Nikolas is determined to take care of Lulu.  He may want to bring his sister home with him to recover.  Nikolas feels Johnny can help Lulu but Lucky doesn't agree.  He wants Johnny far far away from his sister.  Will there be trouble in paradise when Sam agrees with Nikolas? What about the brothers fighting over their baby sis?  They don't agree on what's best for Lulu and now I am hearing that Nikolas petitions for guardianship of her.  Will Lucky asks the Quartermaines to help him get guardianship of Lulu? Who will Tracy side with when she returns?


JLex Fans... Jerry and Alexis MAY break up for a little bit.  RUMORS say that Alexis takes Sam's warnings to heart and puts a little distance between herself and her latest bad boy.  I'm hearing its short lived as TPTB seem to be behind Jerry and Alexis.

Spinelli is concerned about his master.  He MAY be the one sending Elizabeth to Jason as RUMORS say he thinks Jason needs someone to protect him from Sasha.  Could this be when the big kiss happens?  Again, multiple locations are being RUMORED for the kiss.  Jake's, the penthouse and now we can add the Studio to the list. Spin's injury that requires him to go under the knife... is he losing an organ?  RUMORS say his spleen is removed.

Matt Hunter in danger?
  That's a RUMOR out there.  Supposedly someone hears the doc on the phone and no it's not Nadine.


More on Chad Allen joining Night Shift... He'll be playing the character of Eric Whitlow, a patient in need of a liver transplant.  Dr. Kyle Julian is involved in his storyline as a doctor helping his patient but the two develop a relationship as well.  Chad will be on for three episodes.  “We're delighted to have Chad join our show because not only is he a remarkable actor, but he's also an amazing activist. For years, I have been inspired by Chad and welcome the honesty and authenticity that he will bring to our show,” said headwriter Sri Rao.