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The Young and the Restless: Fall Preview

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School is back in session for The Young and the Restless, this fall so get ready to be brought back to  basics!


Winters/Hamiltons: With the aftermath of Ana’s parentage still fresh, Tyra and Anna's connection with Devon becomes closer than before. The gang makes a sacrifice for Devon’s newly discovered sibling. It’s all about family for these two clans.

Lily/Cane/Chloe: Disasters and revelations will be on the way for this triangle. Some mysteries and lies are finally cleared up ,but its not all what we think it is.

Amber/Daniel/Colleen: Mr. Romalotti, Jr materializes as an artist and he will be in a tug of war of sorts. His heart is with Amber but, Daniel will start to gain feelings for Colleen.

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Abbotts/Newmans 2.0: Chaos continues for the partners of Restless Style. Seems that Jack still wants to go tabloid in order to sell more magazines and keep it relative while, Nick and Phyllis aren’t too keen on the idea. Expect more fireworks and not the good ones for those four.

Michael/ River (Lowell): The legal eagle will start learning some things about himself when he decides to find out more about his father. The younger Baldwin will be in for a shock when he finds out who the real River is, thus realizing that fractions of the senior Baldwin is already inside of him.

Jeff/Glo: These two grifters love one another, but can they trust each other? Look for tons of plotting by the lovebirds, together and separately.

Brad/Jill/Katherine: Drama continues over at cosmetics powerhouse Jabot due to the David Chow’s untimely demise. Secrets are revealed regarding who was in the loop about  David's gambling and when exactly they stumbled upon this bit of information. The person that you’d least expect will come out victorious after putting out fires at Jabot.

Newmans/Victor: The aftershocks following the death  of the most recent Mrs. Newman are still being felt. Victor decides to isolate himself from his family and friends. Everyone in Genoa City think that the billionaire is dead after getting proof of his death. As Victor’s family starts to deal with his death, pay close attention to Adam, er Victor II. Victor changed his will weeks before Sabrina’s death and the repercussions of that decision will take effect.