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The Young and the Restless: Spoilers & Sneak Peeks

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Victor/Nikki: The former spouses come face to face and have an emotional reunion.

Victoria /Nick:
The siblings are shocked by the letters they receive from Victor.


Victor/Adam:  When he returns home, Victor has a surprising altercation with Adam.

Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: After Nick and Phyllis decide its time for them to play dirty at Restless Style, business partners Jack and Sharon’s marriage is placed in the crossfire. When the Abbotts obtain the latest edition of the magazine, they are shocked to fine and article all about, “The Real Jack Abbott,” inside. Naturally Jack and Sharon assume Nick created the piece to exact revenge on Jack for the Sabrina article.

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Nick’s ex Sharon isn’t portrayed in the best way just like her husband Jack. It seems that Jack is ticked off royally on how Sharon’s trashed and, then he realizes that bad press equates to good press and decides to keep the story.

Jack goes so far as to hype the feud to the media and then, proposes to a wary Sharon that she write a tell all piece about ex father-in-law Victor. While this takes place, Phyllis becomes jealous when she eavesdrops on Nick and Sharon having a private phone call and, warns Sharon to keep away from her man!

Later on, Jack and Nick get into an intense argument where the two almost engage into a fistfight when Sharon enters the fray. Sharon surprises Jack by supporting NICK! This latest bump in the road for the Abbotts has Jack questioning where Sharon‘s loyalties stands.