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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.22.08


Lovely Liason... will Elizabeth ask Jason to meet her in secret again?  RUMORS say she does but Jason MAY not take his love up on her offer. I am hearing that once again, Jason walks away stating its safer for her if they're apart. I'm still hearing that Jason and Elizabeth "give in" to their feelings.

What's Kate doing to Carly that has Jax in such a fuss?  It looks like its that action that has Jax spilling Kate's secret.  Jax still has Karpov to contend with.  Especially when Carly comes clean about her interactions with the Russian Mobster.

A little more on Jax and Kate finding out about the limo sex.  It COULD be just Kate finding out and questioning Sonny's love for her.  When Kate goes to Jax with the info, he MAY not believe her and RUMORS say he accuses his business partner of trying to bust up his marriage.

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Logan keeps popping up!  Will Laura be able to break the spell? What secret will Lulu be telling her mom?

Ric promises to get Johnny aquitted of all charges. 
Let's hope he can keep his promise. 

I mentioned Jerry overhearing Matt Hunter.  Is the new doc confessing to something?  Look for Jerry to start looking into Matt Hunter's past. 

Spinelli takes a turn for the worse.
  Will Maxie lose it?  SPOILERS say yes!

we've been hinting at it but now RUMORS say Matt comes clean, as a Scorpio.  Robin MAY start to have some complications with her pregnancy.  Nadine and Nikolas MIGHT be hitting the sheets and Nikolas will pull away afterwards.  Is Claudia testing Nikolas' loyalty? 

OLD RUMOR popping up again... Anyone remember the one about Alexis needing medication and receiving a prescription of counterfeit drugs? That RUMOR is making the rounds again and it has to do with all the stress the DA is under.

Too early for November Sweeps Scoops? 
Possibly but I am sure there are plans in the works for Guza's big sweeps stunt.  RUMORS are circulating that November Sweeps will be Mob Central (big surprise) and the Z's team up with Corinthos-Morgan to take down Karpov.  What if the opposite is happening?  What if ZaCrazy and Karpov team up to take down Jason and Sonny?  Who would you target first to bring down Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos?

SPOILER or FANFIC? You be the judge.
  Are Jason and Sonny finally coming to blows?  RUMORS are circulating that Kate must call the cops to break the two up.  This RUMORS go on to say that Jason is no longer invited to the Skate wedding.  What about Elzabeth?  Will she be a guest?  RUMORS have something happening and Elizabeth is not in attendance.  What's happening?  Not sure.  Whatever it is, the RUMOR says its "impossible" for Elizabeth to be at the wedding.