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All My Children Scoops & Spoilers

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Hello! I hope your all having a great weekend, I know I say that every weekend but I do mean it!   Let's take a look at the citizens of Pine Valley:

Adam/Erica: Welcome back Mr. Chandler, we have all missed you!  Adam helps his ex-wife with making Jack jealous when they show up at Fusion and lock lips. Could Erica be falling for her former hubby again? 

Carmen/Jack:  The Attorney client relationship takes on a whole new meaning when the two hit sheets! Yes I know what your thinking, I am too.  However, I get what Jack meant when he said last week that with Carmen there is no agenda or drama, with Erica that's whole another story.  If the soap gods are listening please bring back Brooke English!

Annie Lavery/Hubbards:  Last week I told you that questions start to come up about what Jesse was doing for 20 years.  Mrs. Lavery takes it upon herself to question the Chief of Police about what he is doing.  Why?  Could Jesse have been with someone all those years?  

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Jake/Taylor/Amanda:  Despite Jake's persistence that he wants no relationship, a man still has needs so he and Amanda have sex.  Amanda is curious about Jake's feelings towards Taylor, so what does a gal do, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Ms. Dillon asks Taylor to share a place, so she can keep tabs on Doc Martin.

Fusion:  The company that everyone wants!  Adam as you know, has his own plans to take over the company and dismantle it into pieces with the help of Annie Lavery. Annie offers her assistance while Babe and Amanda try to deliver a new and consumer friendly company.   Throw Pete into the mix and it's a party!

Laverys/Slaters/Devanes:  Ryan gets into it with Annie and finally comes clean about how she got pregnant.  This not only ticks him off but Kendall and Greenlee attempt to offer advice on the matter.  Ryan also investigates further what else the Mrs.'s has not told him.    Zach tries to offer up advice to Ryan about the situation with Annie.   Never piss off a Special Ops Brit Ryan! Ryan get's a smack down when Aidan finds out about his feelings for his wife.

Kathy Martin v. Krystal Carey Martin:  Look out Krystal! Kathy is about to play dirty putting Krystal in danger.  Will Tad own up to the fact that his precious daughter is out of control? I am hearing no, in fact the man is blind, this puts a damper on his 'marriage'.   How much longer will Krystal put with it? Time will tell.

Frankie/Randi: I am seeing this couple is a go and Mr. Pratt likes them!   Fletcher reminds Randi who's really in charge when he attacks her.  Will Frankie put his service training to use?  

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