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Ed Scott Speaks to Michael Logan

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Now I know for a fact that today is yet another "Freaky Friday". TV Guide's Michael Logan has an interview with Ed Scott on being let go from Days of Our Lives. In the interview he talks about the friction between Dena Higley and himself and whether or not he was let go to avoid problems with the WGA.

Here is an excerpt from the interview. What about the charges that you were at odds with Dena Higley, and that you were rewriting her scripts to the extent that she took her grievance to the Writers Guild of America?

Scott: That is nonsense, a bunch of blown-up nothing. I gave notes on Dena's outlines. That's it. Take 'em or don't take 'em. That's what producer-writer meetings are about. You haggle about things, you suggest stuff, but always in the end, you let the writer do what the writer wants to do. There were never any screaming matches. Daytime drama is all about passion and purpose — there will always be disagreements. I love Days and all the people there. It was a wonderful place to work and a wonderful company — there's nobody there who doesn't want that show to succeed. The cast is always ready to work. There is no one big star, no divas."

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interview at TV Guide.

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