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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days, but hubby was on holidays and we were doing the tourists on vacation thing! I watched Wednesday to Friday one behind the other, so my thoughts are all jumbled.

Maxie/Lulu: Loved their scenes this week. Maxie, showing concern, but not ready to make friends with Lulu. Lulu, accepting Maxie and understanding that she’s the only one who will tell her the bald faced truth. Both actresses brought it.

Loving the Spin/Maxie investigative stuff, but I don’t understand why Spinelli is so determined to believe that Jason is lying and has slept with the Slavik Seductress.

Line of the week:

Maxie to Spinelli: “Just because Jason’s an unfeeling, emotionless blockhead, doesn’t mean he’d lie to you.”

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Is there actual evidence that Johnny killed Logan? If not, why is being held for the murder in the first place? And I’m tired of Lucky running in there every five seconds to yell at Johnny and I’m tired of Claudia running in after him and yelling at him to stop.

Srubs: Love Scrubs, but that proposal was painful. Sorry, but you don’t propose, at work, in public, over a PA system for the whole world to see, with her mom and step-dad and co-workers and your ex lover and some new guy watching. And then she asked to speak to him privately and he wouldn’t, so she stormed off. But the scene in the park, I was hoping she’d say yes then, and now I’m curious as to why she didn’t.

Sonny & Lulu:
Didn’t understand why Sonny was suddenly in the Lulu story, going to see her at Shadybrook, but then after he started talking and made the parallels to his own disease, it made more sense to me. Not sure why Jason’s in the Lulu story, or why he would agree to sign her out of the hospital. I’m hoping he was still at the PCPD to witness Lulu screaming at Flashlight Logan again, so that he’d realize what a mistake he made.

Nik/Nadine: I saw potential for them, up until this dinner thing. Her being all weird about the various forks and stuff. Her asking for a waltz, because “they’re in a castle”. He looked like he was indulging a four year old ,instead of being on a date. All of it was just way forced and I’m not sure if that was deliberate, to show us that they aren’t meant to be together, or what.

Jerry/Karpov: I so don’t care, and yet, when Karpov made the comment about Jerry dating the DA and Jerry got all defensive, I was hoping there would be a follow up scene between Jerry and Alexis, with Jerry giving her info, which would redeem Jerry just a smidge.