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Quote of the Week: Elegant Art of Bitchslap

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Forget watching a soap for this week's Quote of the Week.

My pick for Quote of the Week comes from the New York Post' Pop Wrap blogger Jarett Wieselman, who commented on Susan Lucci'salleged participation in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

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"...I am wondering, if she does sign on, should we just crown her the winner here and now?

My understanding is that after 38 years on "All My Children," La Church of LaLucci is one of the strongest religious sects in the world and comprised of the exact same people who watch - and vote - for "DWTS."

...So when facing off in a competition that is based partly on public voting, how in the world could Kim, Lance, Toni or Mark's meager fanbases even begin to compete with the legion of loyal fans devoted to the First Lady of Daytime Television?

And that's not even taking into account the possibility that Susan could dance around a ballroom with the same grace and elegance she brings to the art of the bitchslap."

"Grace and elegance she brings to the art of the bitchslap." Priceless.

What was your favorite Quote of the Week from soaps?