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Bold & Beautiful: Welcome Back Susan Flannery

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Welcome back Susan Flannery! Welcome the hell back.  I just watched Friday's The Bold and the Beautiful with Stephanie's return to wage war on the Logan family, and something must be said. Having Stephanie back, alleging Donna was in on Owen's poisoning of Eric, is the best this show has been in ages. It does not, however, make up for her prolonged absence. The Bold and the Beautiful, without Stephanie just does not cut it.

This show, and we the fans, need Stephanie on our screens at least three days a week, in some form (barring vacation and illness, of course). Whether she is going toe-to-toe with Brooke and Donna or the other misc Logans, grooming Felicia as the next "Stephanie," eating at Café Ruse or being her overbearing son-obsessed self , as long as Stephanie is on our screens, things are good. When she isn't, though they may still be good, they just aren't the same.

Are you enjoying having Stephanie Forrester back on your TV screen?

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