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Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

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Back to reality this week (August 25 – 29) on Days of Our Lives.  With the Olympic programming done and dusted (but which resulted in some Olympic style ratings for Days), we resume normal broadcasting and storylines.  Whoo!  Stax are back, as is Paul Hollingsworth, Kate and Daniel vs Chelsea and Daniel…. Someone hold me back from my tv, I can’t wait!  Not.  I promise, I will try and be postive, but really, they’re making it extremely difficult.


Marlena wakes up from unconsciousness and immediately asks Jawn who he is.  Not another amnesia story, I hear you ask?  Thankfully no; Jawn had just spilled his heart (as much as an emotionally-void pawn of Stefano’s can) and Marlena wants to know whether its nuJawn, or her one-raised-eyebrow-‘That’s a fact’-John?  Sadly for her, it’s nuJawn.  Jawn and Rotox play green-eyed monster over Marlena’s recuperation and I find bringing Rotox into this story reduces my interest in it, so onto other things.  Oh, I will say that Friday’s episode is one to watch for you J&M fans, bit of office hanky panky going on, but with an unsatisfactory ending (don’t say I didn’t warn you).


Lucas and Sami begin ‘Custody Battle: The New Generation’ as they deal with Lucas’ claim for custody of Allie.  Apparently the reappearance of Stefano is enough to warrant Lucas suing for full custody.  Seriously, I saw enough of their custody battles over Will… snoresville.  Do we have to do this again?  Watch at own peril.


Across the Atlantic, Stephanie and Max are still in a French prison.  Stax share semi cute moments that are ruined by being in between scenes involving Melanie.  Although I have to admit, Nick makes a good buffer for her scenes.  Speaking of which, Melanie meets Nick and decides to use him as her next meal ticket, while Nick plays Melanie in order to beat her at her own game.  Stephanie uses her fame and femininity to get her phone call home but noone’s answering.  Max calls Caroline – of course Trent overhears.

Trent is still strong-arming wifey Nicole for information on Max’s whereabouts – and that storyline is getting old real fast.  He stupidly reveals to Nicole why he wants Max found – that Melanie is his daughter – has noone ever told him not to reveal blackmail material to that girl?  He ends up enlisting Steve’s PI services, but doesn’t realize that Steve is already suspicious of his past, and plans on doing some investigating of his own.

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Daniel and Kate’s relationship is exposed this week, through Chelsea reading a text message from Kate on Daniel’s phone.  She is, understandably, upset – considering she had decided to take their relationship to the next level.  Bet she’s glad she didn’t!  Daniel tries to explain, and Lexie tries to mediate, but methinks Chelsea has just been in this position too many times – I wonder if she’s questioning just what family loyalty means.


Finally, regarding the Paul Hollingsworth saga, it seems Bo was holding out on us after all – he gives Roman the evidence that implicates Philip in Paul’s disappearance.  Has Morgan forgiven Philly K yet?  It appears not, but she does still love the shipping heir (aww).  

Dropping By to Say Hi:

Mickey and Maggie!  Primarily in scenes with Lucas, Sami and EJ regarding the upcoming custody battle, Maggie chats with Lucas about Chloe, while Mickey lets Sami and EJ know that Lucas might have a case for full custody of Allie.



Celeste - with the return of Stefano, I wanna see more DiMera family dinners and Celeste has to be part of that!  Plus, I can't believe they wouldn't involve her in Theo's autism storyline??

Coming Up Next Week (Sept 1 – 5):

•    No show on Monday (Sep 1)

•    Stefano gets arrested, but wont be in police custody for long of course

•    Morgan is finally reunited with ‘ma farthar’ (thank goodness)

That’s it for this week – hope you enjoy the return of Bope, Morgan, Stax and their respective storylines.  As always, leave any comments you have below, or come join us in the Days thread on the TFO Forums.

A Last Minute Request: If anyone attended the Burlington Days event this past weekend, please let me know!