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Daytime Confidential Top 20, July 2008


Welcome to third edition of the Daytime Confidential's Top 20 celebrity ranking. Each month we rank every current and former soap star, executive, and industry personality covered here at Daytime Confidential, based on your use of

Was Vanessa Marcil able to climb back into the top spot after losing her place at No. 1 to Sarah Michelle Gellar or was General Hospital'sSteve Burton able to become the first male actor to reach the top, after landing at No. 2 in last month's ranking? Find out which former Another World soap star, who hasn't appeared on a soap since, somehow generated enough Daytime Confidential reader interest to make the DC Top 20. This month's DC Top 20 includes at least one wildcard that may not surprise some, but could be a shock to others. Find out which stars fell out of the DC Top 20 and who made their debuts. All this and more in this month's DC Top 20.


  • No. 20: Marcy RylanGuiding Light (debut)

  • No. 19: Victoria Wyndam Another World (debut)

  • No. 18: Rebecca Herbst General Hospital
  • No. 17: Amanda Seyfried All My Children
  • No. 16: Melody Thomas ScottThe Young and the Restless (debut)

  • No. 15: Kimberly McCulloughGeneral Hospital
  • No. 14: Kirsten StormsGeneral Hospital
  • No. 13: Sarah Michelle GellarAll My Children
  • No. 12: Caitlin Van ZandtGuiding Light
  • No. 11: Billy MillerAll My Children & The Young and the Restless (debut)

No. 10: Farah Fath - One Life to Live - Gigi (Down Five)


After peaking at No. 5 on the DC Top 20, One Life to Live's Farah Fath fell to No. 10 on our ranking. However, helped by a front burner storyline that has taken her character Gigi back to 1968 to rescue Rex, Fath ranks higher than General Hospital'sKirsten Storms for the first time since we launched the list.

No. 9: Erika Slezak - One Life to Live - Victoria Lord Davidson (Up Eleven)


Climbing up the DC Top 20 over the course of the past two months, One Life to Live'sErika Slezak cracked the Top 10 for the first time this month. The actress, whose character Victoria Lord Davidson is currently off screen in Africa, moved up from No. 20 last month.


No. 8: Kelly Monaco - General Hospital - Sam McCall (Up Three)

After debuting at No. 11 last month, General Hospital'sKelly Monaco continues to climb the DC Top 20 steadily, moving up three spots. One possible explanation, the forbidden rendezvous between Greg Vaughn's Lucky and Monaco's Sam as she goes undercover to investigate a drug ring. Nothing catches fan's interest like secret romance.


No. 7: Vanessa Marcil - General Hospital - Brenda Barrett (Down Four)

Debuting at No. 1 in the premiere of the DC Top 20 two months ago, General Hospital'sVanessa Marcil slid from No. 1 to No. 3 last month. This month Marcil drops another four more spots to No. 7. The fact that Marcil's remains in the Top 10 after three months, without appearing on screen in years and after rumors that negotiations for her return may have fallen through, only proves why the magazines continue to splash her all over their covers.


No. 6: Steve Burton - General Hospital - Jason Morgan (Down Four)

Having peaked at No. 2, General Hospital'sSteve Burton lost ground on this month's list, dropping four spots to No. 6. We here at Daytime Confidential had wondered if, this month, Burton would become the first actor to lay claim to No. 1, edging out the actresses who have ruled the roost for the past two months. Apparently, this wasn't Burton's month. A possible explanation for Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst's slide down the list, this month, could be that their couple, Liason, has had hardly any screentime together as of late.

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No 5: Nelson Branco - TV Guide Canada - Himself (Top 20 Debut)


Blazing daytime news trails, breaking stories and whipping fans into a frenzy with juicy "behind the scenes" tidbits and blind items in his Suds Report and Nelson Ratings, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco skyrocketted from No. 31 last month to a No. 5 ranking on this month's DC Top 20. Whether or not you love him, or love to hate him, you just can't help but read him.


No. 4: Beth Ehlers - All My Children - Taylor Thompson (Up Two)

Brian Frons must sleep well at night knowing that stealing Beth Ehlers away from Guiding Light and bringing her to All My Children continues to generate so much interest. Three months ago, when we debuted the DC Top 20, Ehlers ranked No. 2, thanks in no small part to he news surrounding her departure from Guiding Light for All My Children. Coming off that high, Ehlers dropped to No. 7 last month, but is now fighting her way back up our ranking. We'll see if she is able to maintain this consistency next month.


No 3: Josh Duhon - General Hospital - Logan Hayes (Up Fourteen)

Two months ago Josh Duhon was at No. 35. Last month it didn't come as much surprise when he moved up to No. 17,  thanks to his being fired combined with fan interest in how he'd be written off. However, much like Forbes March and Ambyr Childers who both fell off the DC Top 20 after being let go from their respective shows, it wouldn't have been much of a surpise to see Duhon do the same. Turns out, all it takes to propell someone up the DC Top 20 is speculation that they might end up on another network. Unfortunately for Duhon All My Children'sBilly Miller, who came in at No. 11 on the DC Top 20 this month, landed the role.

No 2: Maurice Bernard - General Hospital - Sonny Corinthos (Up Eleven)


Last month Steve Burton peaked at No. 2. This month Maurice Bernard is sitting pretty in the same spot. Can Bernard do what Burton failed to do this month and become the first actor to dethrone an actress at No. 1 next month? Only time will tell. In the mean time, Bernard's Sonny Cornithos has the Russian mafia and a potential bridezilla to worry about.


No. 1: Raya Meddine - The Young and the Restless - Sabrina Newman (Up Nine)

What is there to say about Raya Meddine at No. 1, up from No. 10 on last month's DC Top 20? Obviously getting the Pink Slip and having her character killed off spurred interest in the actress. Of course it didn't hurt that her fans put up an impressive campaign to try and save the actress and her killed off character.

Further Analysis

Days of Our Lives' and Life in General star Arianne Zucker just missed the DC Top 20, moving up from No. 26 to No. 21 on this month's list.


Katherine Kelly Lang, after peaking out at No. 7 in last month's list, fell to No. 28.

Defying the odds for the second month in a row, Jake Silberman was the only As the World Turns actor to make the DC Top 50. Silbermann costar, Van Hansis, hasn't made the DC Top 50 since its debut, three months ago.

Former Soap Opera Weekly Editor Carolyn Hinsey came out of "Hinseygate" ranked at No. 42.

Coming in at No. 43, just behind Hinsey, is The Young and the Restless' Elizabeth Hendrickson, who appeared on the Daytime Confidential Podcast last month with former costar Eden Riegel.

Following in the footsteps of Genie Francis and Thorsten Kaye, The Young and the Restless' Tracey Bregman occupied the No. 50 spot on the DC Top 50.

Others who fell out of the DC Top 20 include Jason Cook, Mario Lopez, Nadia Bjorlin and Josh Duhamel.

The Daytime Confidential Top 20 is calculated based on the usage of readers and begins and ends on the 15th of each month. This month's list is based on usage from July 15, 2008 - August 15, 2008.