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DC #288: Top 10 Ways to Improve Days of Our Lives

What can bring TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco and former Days of Our Lives writer Tom Casiello together on a podcast for the first time? The Daytime Confidential Top 10 Ways to Improve Days of Our Lives episode!


Join Daytime Confidential's Luke and Jamey and guests Nelson Branco and Tom Casiello for a lively discussion and debate about the Top 10 Ways to Improve Days of Our Lives.

In each of The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soaps episodes the Daytime Confidential gang discusses some of the common issues facing the soaps as well as some of the unique problems facing each show.

This along with your comments on the blog and on the Daytime Confidential Comment Line makes for an entertaining discussion on the ills facing Days of Our Livesand its fans.

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