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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Welcome home Genie Francis!! What I couldn’t tell though, was it Lulu’s imagination or did Laura actually wake up?

Best line of the day:

Laura to Lulu: "It's gonna be alright. Momma's here"

Nikolas/Nadine: I’m not liking Nik/Nadine as much as I originally thought I would. Maybe because they’ve suddenly turned her into this country bumpkin, drool over the prince girl, that she wasn’t before. Also, I just found it odd that Nikolas is having such a wonderful, cutsie pootsy time, while his young sister is losing her mind. Why didn’t Lucky call him when Lulu went cuckoo for cocoa puffs at the PCPD?

Sonny/Kate: One thing that occurred to me today, during all this wedding preparation, has he asked her about whether her parents and/or family will be attending?

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Claudia/Johnny: Here’s a crazy thought, if you don’t like Trevor and feel he’s incompetent, why not FIRE HIM. If you want Ric to take over the case, why not CALL HIM. Claudia claims to be so intelligent and wants to take care of poor, poor Johnny, yet she really needs to buy a clue. And breaking into the DA’s office isn’t cutting it.

Funny line of the day:

Claudia: “"If you don't leave Johnny alone, the Zacharas are going to retaliate"

Scotty: "What are you going to do? Put a horse head in my bed?"

Alexis/Jerry: You know, just before he left her office, and he was all custie and kissing her, I was watching the two of them, more as the actors and I do like them together (Nancy and Sebastian), but the instant my brain turns over and I remember who he is (James Craig) and what he’s done (Metrocourt, propositioning Sam), I get all grossed out and want him nowhere near my Alexis. It’s very schizophrenic of me.