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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.25.08


WELCOME BACK GENIE FRANCIS!  Laura Spencer makes her return today! Still hearing RUMORS that Tony Geary will be back before Genie takes her leave.

Claudia learns the truth!  I've told you that eventually Claudia finds out what really happened when Logan Hayes was killed.  Will she use that information to her advantage? SPOILERS say that Claudia tells Johnny she'll keep her trap shut if he kicks Lulu to the curb. Nikolas goes in to big brother mode when he finds out Claudia knows the real story.  The dark prince tells Claudia, you say anything about Lulu killing Logan and I'll go straight to Jason with the real story behind Michael's shooting.

They're picking sides.  Remember I mentioned Lucky and Nikolas battling for guardianship of Lulu?  More SPOILERS confirm that Tracy sides with her step-son while Sam finds a place on Nikolas' team.  Who else is teaming up with Nikolas and Sam?  Elizabeth!  Lulu breaks down again today while at the PCPD.  Lucky will return her to the loony bin.  This part of the storyline COULD possibly do a lot of damage to Lulu and Lucky's relationship. Will Lulu blurt out the truth?  RUMORS say she does and that Lucky believes she's covering for Johnny.  Nikolas starts to realize what actually happened. 

It looks like Johnny's going on trial for Logan's murder.  The mafia prince is facing the death penalty.  Maxie is summoned in Johnny's case and freaks.  Jason and Spin calm her down.  EARLY RUMORS suggest that Johnny gets off on a technicality, a mistrial.  Scotty will continue to build his case against his son's "murderer."  Johnny breaking Lulu out of Shadybrook?  RUMORS have it happening and it could be when Julie Marie Berman is taking some time off for her honeymoon.  Will Johnny be aquitted?  Will there be enough for another trial?  RUMORS say that Laura's return closer to November Sweeps MAY play into Johnny being saved from the death penalty. 

Nadine in the slammer too?
  SPOILERS say she winds up in jail after defending her prince, Nikolas.

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Scrubs engagement.  It happens, possibly before that little girl pops out.  The actual marriage may not happen until after the birth.  RUMBLINGS surrounding November Sweeps say that Patrick and Robin's baby will be born "under less than ideal circumstances." 

Jax moves back in! 
Before Kate learns about the limo sex, Jax moves back into Carly's house. 

Liason... Elizabeth giving Jason the cold shoulder?  Wouldn't you if the man you loved cut off your moment of passion? The RUMORS say that Elizabeth and Jason meet at the studio where she puts everything out there. Jason kisses her and things get heated only Jason pulls away and tells her not to call. At some point, Elizabeth points out all the people that Jason allows around him despite it being unsafe. 


Hmmmm... is Matt a Drake?  RUMORS were also saying that GH's newest doc COULD be a Scorpio. The latest?  Matt is related to Patrick but not necessarily a Drake.  Will Maxie learn what Matt's secret is? This COULD be something for the pair to "bond" over giving those Shelle fans something to look forward to. Remember, the popularity of Spixie sort of threw a wrench in the M&M plans.

Skate wedding?  I am hearing its not happening.  It can't be a Skate wedding if Sonny marries Connie.

RANDOM RUMORS... Elizabeth meets Sasha.  Spinelli and Maxie MAY enter the counterfeit drug storyline. Father and Son make a good team at the defense table.  The penthouse is getting a new tenant... Maxie!  Is someone getting a stalker?  I hate to even drop this but there are RUMBLINGS of a rape storyline.  Is Anthony threatening Elizabeth again? Carly has to team up with her biggest enemy.  Lulu's preggers.  Will something Scotty said to Johnny come true?