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Tristan Rogers Shaves His Head!

Robert Scorpio has colon cancer and Tristan Rogers has shaved his head to show  the effects of his character's treatments.  Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the actor decided to take the more "real route" rather than a fake bald head.  This storyline hits close to home for Tristan Rogers who lost his father to the same disease his character now has. 


Even though Tristan volunteered to go completely bald, storyline needs dictated otherwise. He explains: "There was a problem going completely bald. No one had taken into account that there has to be an appliance put on the back of my head to look like a cut with staples in it, so we couldn't actually shave my head as we had originally thought. I have less than a quarter inch of hair which is close to bald."

For more on what Tristan is doing to help fight colon cancer check out Entertainment Tonight.

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