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ADONIS 2008: Three Down Three Left

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With three more hotties down and only three left, the competition is coming to an end!!


And with that sad note, I begin my first Adonis writeup in weeks (for which my delayedness has caused me to be tarred, feathered, and beaten within an inch of my life.....JOKE!!) but I digress.

The first of the amazingly gorgeous men to be voted out in this results writeup was none other than my favorite, Shawn Christian(Daniel Jonas, Days of Our Lives). I can't tell you how distraught I was over this, but at least I can be happy with the knowledge that he beat the odds in lasting as long as he did. Shawn was the oldest contestant this year and just returned to daytime. Although he didn't have quite the same size fan base as the other guys, he held on to sixth place. I'm very proud *wink*.

The next guy up who got the boot will be a shocker and disappointment for our readers. He was voted tops in all the Daytime Confidential polls I've posted for this competition and is an obvious DC favorite. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and Steve Burton(Jason Morgan, General Hospital)was the next to go. I have to give Steve and his fans props though, as he is rarely seen with his shirt off, which seriously inhibits his Adonis worthiness. The hitman-newly-promoted-mob-boss who, as we have witnessed, has a slew of devoted fans did get fifth place, so congrats to him for that.

Last, but certainly not least, coming in fourth place, is Port Charles' Dr. Dimples himself, Jason Thompson(Patrick Drake, General Hospital). I guess the scrubs fans really stepped up this year, because I didn't see him lasting as long as he did. Don't get me wrong, he definately fits into the McDreamy mold. I just didn't get the same vibe from his fans as I did from other fanbases on their devotion to getting him the title of Adonis. After seeing who he beat out, his fans that voted should be very proud indeed because fourth place in the Adonis competition is definately high praise.

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Who does that leave us with? An Adonis with each network represented in the final three:

NBChas James Scott (EJ Dimera, Days of Our Lives).James Scott is our reigning champ and he definately has some of the most devoted fans I've ever met. I've seen up close and personal the hotness that is Mr. Tall Dark and British, and I think he stands a very good chance at winning again.

CBShas Brandon Beemer(Owen Knight, Bold and the Beautiful).Brandon has a very good chance as well. He is the only one out of the three left who has joined us in chat and that gained him a lot of support. He also has some fans left from his days on Daysof Our Lives, who I'm sure will help him get to the end.

ABChas Greg Vaughn(Lucky Spencer, General Hospital).Greggy fans have definately stepped up this year as he is the only one left who has never been in the bottom three, so it's up to them to keep up the momentum. There has been a sporatic few Greggy shirtless scenes lately that may help him but a few more wouldn't hurt *wink*.

Well folks...there ya have it. The three who got the boot and the three still in it to win it. So, who is your favorite hottie? Get over to and rate your top 3. Then join us on Wednesday 10pmEST/7pmPST for results to see who will be our final two.

Till then ogle and enjoy!!