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General Hospital: Another Rape Storyline?

Is General Hospital gearing up for yet another rape storyline?  Every time I post the possibility of a rape occurring, our Daytime Confidential readers cry out in outrage. Is this an overused storyline, too controversial or are our readers tired of the victimization of women on General Hospital


Brace yourselves Sam fans (Kelly Monaco) cause she's the RUMORED victim.  Tied into the counterfeit drug storyline, Sam McCall has gotten in bed with the Russian Mob.  Karpov takes a special interest in Sam, but he's not that interested.  Romantically speaking, Karpov only has eyes for Carly.  It's another employee of Karpov's that finds out that Sam is really working for the good guys and he threatens to expose her unless she sleeps with him.  Sam tries to put Karpov's guy off by flirting her way out of it but he apparently doesn't like to flirt for very long and the RUMORS say he rapes her. 

The storyline that made me fall in love with Lucky (then played by Jonathan Jackson) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)  was Elizabeth's rape.  Much like then, Lucky is RUMORED to help Sam through this.  Will this be a grown up re-do of that famous storyline? 

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General Hospital is definitely not afraid of such a controversial storyline.  Luke raped Laura (Anthony Geary & Genie Francis) and Elizabeth was raped, as I mentioned above. Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) was a victim of rape at the hands of her husband's look alike when Tyler Christopher was playing Connor in a dual role.

While this is all still in the RUMOR phase of the SPOILER world, it seems to be gaining some steam. So weigh in my fellow Spoilerholics!  Is this a good idea for General Hospital?  Does this controversial storyline give Kelly Monaco fans hope that the actress will stay on with General Hospital once her contract expires?