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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 08.26.08


How does Kate find out about Limo Sex?  She's got a good assistant with excellent hearing. I'm guessing it's Clarice that overhears the convo between Sonny and Carly. Maxie wouldn't blow that secret, she'd use it to her advantage somehow. 

Besides, Maxie is busy. She's got Spinelli to worry about and RUMORS have Matt telling her his secret. What's Matt's secret? RUMORS say a patient of Dr. Hunter's at his previous hospital died due to fake meds. He's there to uncover the mystery.

Will Skate marry?  As I mentioned, Kate's secret that she is Connie SHOULD be out before the big day, the marriage looks to be happening and we MAY learn more about Kate's past thanks to Carly's digging.  Anyone remember that I mentioned someone from Kate/Connie's past showing up at the wedding?  RUMORS say Olivia comes to town. What else?  Remember the bloodshed RUMORED at the Skate wedding?  RUMORS say it's still happening and that the death is what has Sonny being pulled back into the mob.

Has Laura come out of her catatonia before Lu's last visit?  SPOILERS say we'll learn that Laura has been drifting in and out.

Karpov is liking his new employee and wants Sam to do more for him.  Jerry warns her to watch it with the Russian Mobster and Lucky is worried that she's putting herself in too much danger. 

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Jason may walk away, again.  BUT he MAY not be able to stay away from Elizabeth.  ZaCrazy wants to get at Jason Morgan and he's starting with Elizabeth as a way to get to Jason.  Liason's meeting at the studio... it's after Jason returns from a business meeting in South America.  My fellow Liason Fans, our scenes are Friday and Tuesday. Enjoy!

Anthony and Karpov teaming up?  RUMORS say a meeting between the two mobsters is happening soon.

Anthony is a busy man.  Meeting with Karpov, threatening Elizabeth and calling for Lulu's death.  Obviously Anthony missed the memo that Lulu's brother is a Cassadine and guess who overhears Anthony make the threat on Lulu's life? Nikolas wants Lulu out of Shadybrook but Lucky disagrees.  This SHOULD be how the brothers start the battle over their baby sister.

Robin will accept Patrick's proposal...eventually.
I hear its really romantic. I also hear the PA system MAY be used again.


RANDOM RUMORS... Carly isn't happy about Kate and Sonny going to the island. Jerry wants it all, the dangerous life, his family and the girl. Will Laura confront Scotty?  Does Karpov witness a Liason moment?  Kate MAY be connected to Karpov. Still hearing about another rape storyline. Karpov's Visa troubles?  RUMORS have the mobster heading back to Russia leaving his attorney to handle the biz.  No worries, IF this happens, he'll be back for the mobtacular November Sweeps.

General Hospital Night Shift... more RUMORS that Season Three is already being discussed.  There are also RUMORS that Brian Frons has sold SoapNET to more cable providers.  If you're not getting SoapNET now, you MAY be soon.

KUDOS... to TPTB.  Are you all over your shock now?  Yes I am giving TPTB at ABC kudos.  Shocking?  I know.  But I have to do it.  The increased advertisements on other channels (E!, MTV) is great and I love watching them while catching my E! News or Spiedi's latest drama on The Hills