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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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OR: Why was Nadine in the OR? They already had Pif, Liz and Layla in there with Pif and Liz looking like they were actually assisting. So Nadine was basically standing around twiddling her thumbs until she started ranting. And if all of them were in there, who was minding the nurses’ desk? Such silly writing sometimes.

Spixie: I liked the Spixie stuff, although Jason is conspicuously absent here. I’m glad we’ve got a couple of days break from him, but the timing is a bit off.

Cute line of the day:

Spinelli: “Should I cross over into the void….."

Maxie: “Just tell Georgie to send you back. She’ll know how much I need you.”

Lulu/Laura: I’ve got to give credit to makeup for making GF look as bad as she does. And did she say that Nik and Lucky knew that she’d woken up or did she say that just the staff know?

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Carly: Hated the CarJax fight number 890, the Karpov chapter. Liked that Carly went to see Lulu. Loved Carly’s look of confusion regarding Lulu’s state of mind. Instead of finding Lulu all, ‘I see dead people, darkness and void’, she was all, 'sunshine and rainbows and puppy dogs’.

Ric: While I’m not complaining to get a half naked shot of my man Ric, it did catch me by surprise that the writers would allow RH to: a) have sex, b ) in a bed, c) with a woman who seems intelligent and isn’t using him to get immigration papers or to give information to his father. I had to check to see if Hell froze over. And suddenly, I’m not as interested in a Ric/Claudia hook up as I was before. At least, not as part of a deal to help stupid Johnny.

Speaking of Johnny, I'm glad to see Nikolas finally buying a clue and questioning why Lulu is suddenly losing it and why Johnny so desperately doesn’t want her to testify.

And today, we have the return of Douche Jerry, otherwise known as James Craig. I knew his cuteness with Alexis yesterday would be short lived.